Intuitive Awareness

silhouette of personr
silhouette of personr
person holding red and black crystal
person holding red and black crystal
macro photography of black ceramic Gautama Buddha miniature
macro photography of black ceramic Gautama Buddha miniature
Intuition a practice of mindful observation. By developing your intuitive awareness you add a navigational tool, enabling you to live a healthier, happier, more fulfilled life.

…allows us to sense and process information that would not be available to us through our usual physical senses and cognitive reasoning.

is an active meditation practice that uses specific guided imagery to increase beneficial energies, and with practice, clear and replace less desirable energies.

Sometimes referred to as a “gut feeling” or “sixth sense” can be developed and integrated with our other senses and reasoning skills.

Intuitive Meditation

At the Center for Intuitive Awareness, our intuitive consultants are trained to access information from subtle energy fields. Using techniques from Energy Medicine, we help you clear out what may be blocking your path to a brighter spirit and a loving calm emotional and physical state of being. By developing your intuitive awareness, you gain a navigational tool to heal, problem solve, and live your best life.

Center for Intuitive Awareness

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"I have been going for individual sessions about 2 years now. The knowledge of how to meditate and ground myself has been life changing and it’s opened up my view of the world and my place here – spiritually and energetically. I have also has great relief from physical pain due to arthritis and I’m learning to ground myself consistently and keep my energy clear so that my healing continues. I am so grateful for Mike’s guidance and knowledge."

"…My husband and I came to study at CFIA during a potentially stressful time in our lives. We went for intuitive counseling and meditation. The techniques we learned have continued to help us greatly in all aspects of our lives, particularly with decision making and with reducing stress and worry…"

"I feel more empowered now, than ever before, physically, emotionally, and spiritually…"

"I can clear negative irritating emotions, and feel more comfortable moving through the world…"

"I continue to take classes and have sessions, and am unbelievably grateful for all of the guidance and help. It has been life changing for me…"

"Thank you for introducing me to the incredible possibilities. My life is so much better, and my whole family benefits. I receive messages, filter them and listen to the ones truly meant for me. I feel so free. It’s like you gave me permission to break from all of my baggage and preconceptions.

It’s like the sun came out again.

I’m continuously so thankful for everything you’ve taught me. I can’t imagine what the past six months would have been like without your help.

You have opened my eyes in a way I never knew was possible, I see life in a completely different way.

I’m now living in the moment. I’m becoming a more gracious person. The journey is magnificent, and you’re a spectacular tour guide…"

"…Knowing, practicing with, learning from, having sessions… I’m not sure what to call it… has been transformative to the way we think, solve problems, raise our kids, interact with others, and even how we view the world.I used to be quite a worrier and now I feel more courage and more calm, ready to face any challenge that might come my way.I can even do that with joy! As for my husband, he handles work stress now with a tremendous sense of calm…I have tools that I can use in any situation to help me feel safe."